Luis Martinez Zorzo


Mr. Luis Martinez Zorzo is from Spain and he is an expert in foundation and management of educational centers from Preschool up to University levels. He has a Degree in Biological Sciences and a Post Graduate Diploma in Education. At present he is President of SEK University in Chile and Academic Director of SEK International Institution. He has worked and lived in Spain, Ireland, Costa Rica, Chile, USA and United Kingdom. These experiences have led him to believe in and promote international education as a vehicle both for mutual understanding and for the development of contacts between different peoples. He has served on ISA Board xxxx years.

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John Lees


Mr.John Lees is from Scotland and completed his teacher training in England. He has spent most of his life working outside the United Kingdom , gaining experience in Finland before settling in Turkey, where he has lived and worked for over 20 years. He founded and directs Istanbul International School , a Cambridge International School , providing educational services for over 40 nationalities in Pre, Primary and Secondary Education. Along with a multi- cultural teaching team he has an ongoing interest in Bilingual Education,School Culture and Teacher Development. He has served on the ISA Board for three years.

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Edgardo H Manzitti


Edgardo is from Argentina and has a degree in Education and a degree in Government and International Relations. He is the Deputy Director at St.Catherine’s Moorlands School in Argentina but also shares his time working as a coordinator on international projects with the United Nations. Edgardo has served years on the ISA Board.

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Iskandar Rizal


Head of the Cempaka group of private international schools and responsible for its academic and co-curricular direction.

Iskandar Rizal Hamzah is a medical doctor by training, who chose to return to the family education business in 1999. In education, his personal interest lies in education technology. He was selected as Malaysia's first Apple Distinguished Educator in 2006. In 2007, he spearheaded the country's first 1 to 1 laptop programme at Cempaka Schools, and in 2009, the first 1 to 1 smartphone programme in Asia. He also heads the Schoology Asia offices, working with schools, universities and companies in Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta and Singapore.

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Ashok Gupta


Dr. Ashok Gupta has a Ph.D in Management and a Masters Degree in English literature. He is the Director of India International School which he established in 1990, the first institution under the banner of ICFIA (Indian Council for International Amity). He has a number of achievements in diverse areas including prestigious awards at national and international levels. Dr. Gupta is an eminent educationist who has made unforgettable contribution to restore the richness of educational culture and to make it more vibrant than before. His farsighted leadership, commitment to work, penchant for perfection, high concern for students and the breadth of vision has elevated the institutions to a centre of learning where education is a commitment and the training of the whole person a mission.

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Mala Agnihotri


Ms. Mala Agnihotri has a Post Graduate with Honors, in Botany from Panjab University (ranks in the top 300 Universities as per the World University Ranking), B.Ed (technical qualification in teaching). She is the Principal & Coordinator for Cambridge-Primary & IGCSE, International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme at India International School, Jaipur, Rajasthan India. Mala has visited countries like USA, Singapore, Turkey, Japan, Malaysia and has been trained in a number of national and international level executive leadership workshops. She brings along a rich and diverse experience and expertise of more than 20 years in the field of education to her credit. She is dedicated to and continuously strives to contribute to the growth of the students and the Institution.

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