In addition to the continuation and enhancement of the current ISA Activities and Services, the Board of the Association has decided to develop a new ISA role. One that fulfills the requirement in its Statutes “to provide advisory and consultative services to international Schools” and “to promote the establishment of new international schools”.

Many new international schools, or schools aspiring to be international are springing up all over the world. Commercial organisations already exist to fund such ventures and the ISA, as a not-for-profit body, has no wish to compete in this field. There is a clear demand, however, for a wide range of educational support for these new schools and, in particular, for guidance on the development of a genuine internationalism in the sense in which this is understood within the ISA.

This support and guidance will be offered by a new ISA Consultancy Service. One key feature of this Consultancy Service will be advising schools on the use of the new ISA publication “Internationalism in Schools – a Self-Study Guide”. This “Guide” is designed to help established schools reflect on their internationalism and to introduce new schools to the ideas and practices in internationalism in education. Those schools which successfully work through the “Guide”, with or without consultant support, will be awarded an ISA Certificate of Internationalism. Further information on this new Consultancy Service is available on the ISA website:

The ISA will charge no fees for such Consultancy Services to fully subscribed member Schools. For other schools wishing to use these Services, fees will be fixed by agreement. As the Association is a not-for-profit body any revenues arising will be used to provide educational services to member schools such as financial support for students to attend Youth Leadership Seminars and for teachers to attend other ISA Seminars.

Further development of ISA Educational Consultancy Services (IECS) will be announced in the future.

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