The year 2003 was the 10th anniversary that the ISA Oral English Exams have been held in Argentina. Mrs Jackie Mc Lellan and Mrs Ruth Toner have examined the students and in the last couple of years Mrs Toner has been accompanied by Mr Grant Paterson. Their support and guidance have made these exams very successful. In 2003 there were 440 students examined from 4 different schools – Chaltel, St. Catherine’s Moorlands Belgrano, St. Catherine’s Moorlands Tortuguitas, and Tarbut School – in four levels: Primary (126), Junior (145), Intermediate (125) and Advanced (44). Quite a number of these last 44 students have sat for all four levels and receive an overall ISA English Oral Diploma. The examiners’ usual pleasant and reassuring manner has enabled the students to feel appreciated for their effort and regardless of the result, have left the examining-room with a sense of achievement.

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